What to Use Instead of Makeup Wipes

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Neutrogena Cleansing Balm*:
Burts Bees Cleansing Balm*:
Then I Met You Cleansing Balm*:


iUnik Calendula Cleansing Oil*:
Purito From Green Cleansing Oil*:
Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil*:


BioDerma Sensibio Water*:
Garnier Skin Cleansing Water*:
Simple Kind To Skin Water*:


Skin Care 101 Series:

How to Oil Cleanse:

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  1. Someone suggested using 100% grape seed oil. What do you think of this Hyram?

  2. Can you make a video on recommendations for oily skin? Like awhole routine with good products

  3. I love his videos but I wonder if the things he recommends are for darker skin tones as well

  4. What is your opinion on The Face Shop light cleansing oil? I feel like it leaves a film on my face. Will it clog my pores? Eek, help!

  5. i got a st.ives ad on this ☠️☠️
    followed by a barbie one
    but NOBODY CARES about the barbie one

  6. i use a pure cosmetic grade sunflower seed cleansing oil which costs only around $3. human heart nature ph fans here?

  7. I've been using the MAC Cleanse Off Oil for years, but I've never looked at the ingredient list…guess I know what I need to do.

  8. Anyone knows if Hyram ever mentioned about those makeup erasers marketed to be eco friendly? Like is it okay or nah? Thanks!

  9. I use the Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil….I love that one and I haven't heard you talk about it so im hoping you approve it! Lol

  10. hi Hyram ?? I am using cleansing oil from Skintegra called Atomic. Its Croatian brand but it is very good. They have page on internet called Skintegra the rare molecule. Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia ? Looove ❤️

  11. Please please please review on your YouTube channel or tiktok indeed labs skin care! She’s amazing and wanna buy them and I wanna see what you have to say thank you!!!

  12. For the gods sake I want a makeover collab with him, James Charles, and brad mondo, and someone fashion-y on regular people PLEASE DEAR GOD

  13. My skin says thank you. Mwah!?
    How about a full body episode that focuses on legs/arms/back? And I'm sure you have several friends and followers (like me) that have older/hormonal skin and we would like your opinion on certain products that are marketed to mature skin.
    I love all you do! ?? Thank you!

  14. Can you please review on HEIMISH All Clean Balm and Banila Co Clean It Zero cleansing balm if you can ever get your hands on them pleaseeee

  15. Anyone know if there is any difference in regard to skin health in the garnier miceller water normal and waterproof?

  16. Australian consumers – check out @glamalist (link below) on Instagram for reusable cotton rounds & reusable cleansing gloves! We are launching next week (Tuesday 2020.12.08) and everything is made for the sake of DITCHING single-use makeup wipes and single-use cotton pads!

    Is it necessary to use face wash or any cleanser after using cleansing water (like garnier or simple)? Cuz sometimes am too lazy for skincare regime….?
    & it's winter now…❄️

  18. Do you hace a full video talking about Bioderma? If not, please do one. I want to know tour opinion about the products of this brand! ??

  19. to the name you could show us a picture of the products during the video. That would take my frustration away hahaha because my memory is totally visual as I'm a bit dyslexic with names sometimes. I love you x

  20. What moisturizer should i use for my combination to oily skin am 17 nd hv fungal acne on my forehead nd not much but little acne marks on my cheeks…..plz suggest me what skin care should i follow nd what products should i use plzzzzzzzz

  21. Not me rewinding him saying ✨caudalie✨ over and over again cuz the way he says it is so good

  22. Micelles water with no cotton rounds! Put in a foam pump container (like an old hand foam pump). Apply foam and rub makeup loose gently. Rinse off. Best way to use!

  23. Hello! I am making my gramma a skincare routine for Christmas and I’m worried that it’s not good enough, she has very dry skin and milia bumps. I got her squalene, Rose hip oil and hyaluronic acid all from the ordinary, will these products help?

  24. ok but that inky list oat cleansing balm though. its literally only $10

  25. I find makeup wipes are good for when my depression acts up and I can't make it past my nightstand so I at least do a little something. I use the Beauty of Joseon balm on my good days

  26. I would add to the list the Body Shop Camomile makeup melt (super affordable) and La Roche-Posay micellar water – again affordable and very gentle!

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