Try This WORKOUT For FAT LOSS and TONE UP | Rowan Row

► Try This WORKOUT For FAT LOSS and TONE UP | Rowan Row
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BURN and TONE it is. All I wanna know if you made it through the end :)
As mentioned before if you really looking forward to melt that far off your body and tonific your muscles at the same time then this is the workout for you. Give it a go and let me know by commenting below how you find this fat burn and tone muscle workout. Have fun xo .


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  1. How is everyone finding this workout? Any critics, any improvements? Please comment below, thank you :)

  2. Started today, brother I'm unable to do pushups after the first set of pushups. How can I increase my arm strength to do the remaining sets of pushups. Help please

  3. Please , Anybody can tell me that how much calories we burn while doing this workout!!..?

  4. It’s just that I want to lose fat , I don’t care about the intensity nor the toughness of the exercise because I have been doing exercises from vids of yours and I stopped doing it for a week(my fault ), and I am looking forward to regain my old shape

  5. Yes hello , how long can this be done to remove a considerable amount of fat from my body ?

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