PRO MUA’s Favorite Makeup Brushes + Affordable DUPES!

Discussing PRO Makeup Artist Makeup Brush favorites and what I would consider to be affordable dupes of these highend makeup brushes you can use instead to save some money! I’ll show you what each of these brushes do and explain why they are listed as favorites ;) What’s your favorite makeup brush and/or tool?!

– Sedona Lace EB11
– Real Techniques Setting Brush
– AOA Studio F19 Brush
– Ecotools Sponge
– Sigma E06 Winged Eyeliner Brush
– Sigma E25
– AOA Studio E28 (part of a set!)
– Coastal Scents BRCN-06 (they no longer sell the black one shown, but they do still have a dupe for $5 here:
– Alter Ego 4 Brush (part of a set, sorry, didn’t realize that)
– Karity F25
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What Am I Wearing?
Lips: Ulta Beauty Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in ‘Rose Quartz’
Eyes: Can’t say yet ;)
Lashes: ‘Upbeat’ from my lashline (link below!)

Did you know this (the second part about how blood, water and spirit are in agreement?! Wow!)? And as I meditated on this verse, the Holy Spirit showed me no man can create any of those three things; only God.
❤️ For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one. ❤️
– 1 John 5, 7:8

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  1. Great video. Paying over $20 even $15 for a brush that's not me $10.00 or LESS 💲
    I just got the new Infallible powder foundation I'm enjoying it very much love it!! I am looking for an affordable easy and quick makeup powder foundation brush??

  2. Ive been using the same three brushes for everything lol I just bought a 15$ set on Amazon and it's amazing. My nonna used to tie horse hair together to make brushes. I actually still have one

  3. I use the Real technique brushes and the morphia brushes. Could you please do a video on how to hold your makeup 💄 brushes to get precise makeup 💄 on your eyes 👀.

  4. Funny that none of the Wayne Gods brushes are in the list. Seems like every other youtuber breaks out their Wayne Goss brushes.

  5. Thank you Zabrena; I think we all appreciate these dupe videos ☺️

  6. You look ❤️ beautiful. Thank you so much for your videos! I am loving your scripture comments in the description box lately!!📿🙏 Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Japonesque makes a baller sponge that you can find at Walmart. I love mine.

  8. I keep meaning to order the shopmissa brushes. And the elf brushes are great! 🥰 and your eyeshadow is beautiful-love that purple!

  9. I'm still waiting for someone to dupe the large and small sigma 4dhd pyramid brushes, I refuse to spend more than $8 on a brush but I covet those, also the it cosmetics original heart brush (apparently the newer ones suck in comparison)

  10. My favorite brushes are from Elf, AOA, Real Techniques, BH and Moda

  11. You have to try the $1 and something cents shopmissa paw paw blender! It's incredible!! I but them in the big packs now!

  12. Sigma made a new multi tasked which is angled like the last brush up. Not sure how the price compares.

  13. I bought a Real Techinque stippling brush and it lost most of its bristles after one wash. So thats a no no. I like the elf, mac brushes. My daughter bought a Bobbie Brown professional set of about 40 brushes for me years ago and they are really scratchy and rough. But there are so many really good brushes out there, that are inexpensive, the shopmissa ones are great too, bought elf brushes there, don't see them there any longer.

  14. I know this is about dupes 😁 but if u want a good intro to Japanese handcrafted brushes (callled fude), Rephr is a great place to start! Their eye brushes are all $24 each iirc. They've been working on making fude brushes more accessible so sometimes they have great deals to offer like $80 off a set.

  15. I am 44 on Retin A with extremely sensitive skin and chronic watery eyes. I have tried brushes from Sigma, It cosmetics, Morphe, Flower beauty, ELF etc. All of them have literally felt like needles on my skin, pretty much torture. Then I came across the BH cosmetics Nazanin Kavari brush set and it literally changed my life. Finally I could use brushes without crying my eyes out 🤣

  16. Thank you for all the work you do in finding a good product at a great price line :)

  17. I do want to say that the BK Beauty brushes from Lisa J here on YouTube has so AMAZING synthetic brushes that are Very luxe but Not luxe in price 😀 their 101 angled foundation brush is the ONLY brush I use for foundation!

  18. I have SO many of the Sonia G & Rephr brushes which are Incredibly expensive! I absolutely love them but damn, they are so pricey. I do have to say that the craftsmanship of these types of natural hair brushes are out of this world exceptional. I wouldn’t enjoy doing my makeup without them lol

  19. I LOVE the Zoeva 146 slanted concealer brush. It’s $19 at Ulta. Super soft and blends so well. Plus, it’s very pretty. 😉 Otherwise, I haven’t found my holy grail brushes, but have a collection of Sigma, Morphe, Real Techniques, Jessup, MAC, EcoTools, Sephora, and Blinged Brushed that I rotate and really like.

  20. If I had the budget to purchase brushes at a higher price point I would purchase from Mr Wayne Goss. My reason is.. I would rather support a person that takes the time to be kind and supportive to people of all demographics. I agree, shop Miss A has great brushes and applicators for the price. I have heard some wonderful reviews on Real Techniques. I have deep set eyes. My preference is to use smaller brushes. Real Techniques does not sell single brushes in stores around me. Don't need to collect more brushes that do not work for me.

  21. Please try also the Anmor, Rancai, Jessup and Docolor brushes. Maybe AliExpress is not the best option, but I do enjoy them. I looove the Jessup set, I had them for 4 years now and they have the same shape and quality as in the first day. I also looove the Elf Cosmetics brushes and the Sephora ones :) Besides the double ended brushes from Sephora ( got them back in highschool and they are good as new) I bought a Beauties Factory kit in 2013 and I still got them all. They are synthetic, they have no smell and they all work exactly as in 2013. From Jessup I got the set with gold and white, the medium one and the only thing that it happened was that in time that protective paint from the handle, went off….maybe because I used to wash them in kind of hot water 🙄 Besides this, I really enjoy the eyebrows one very much ( is one of my favorites) as it works also with powder and pomade :)

  22. please do look out for Essence eyeliner brush n eyebrow brush… n the dual end conceal define brush…they cost around 2 to 4 euros here in Germany but boy they work so so so so well … i had to give a shout out to that . 1 single dual end essence brush n u can complete a whole eyeshadow look ..i use it like everytime its my favorite….

  23. zabrena …. i love u for every details you let us know…. its like with your videos i have actually become a smater shopper specially for make up n cosmetics items ..i have learnt so many tricks about make up … n my eyeshadow looks have become so so much better now…. i love those perfectly colorful ..n vibrant but wearable looks …. i love eyeshadows.. even today m going to say my same old dialogue..your eyeshadow looks awesome. .. n curly cutie too….

  24. I wanted to add I bought about 7 BK Beauty brushes and am really impressed. I bought them because they're cruelty free. I wash my eye brushes after each use, and they have endured my abuse. I'm planning to buy more.

  25. If you are a member of Beauty Pie they do an angled concealer brush v similar to.the last one.

  26. Ah love a Zabrena video! You have such a lovely energy. Thanks for perking me up xx

  27. Its only 6 bucks cheaper but the Tarte quickie doubled ended concealer brush is amazing. I use it daily!

  28. I love Luxie brushes. Those are my favorite brushes and I accumulated all of mine from Boxycharm and Ipsy.

  29. I use the aoa brushes mostly for the price, turns out they are fantastic!
    And " dupe "brushes for Scott Barnes brushes?

  30. I really like the Sonia Kashuk line of brushes at Target. (My favorite brush is the IT cosmetics #211 All Over Powder brush only sold at Ulta. At $40 it was a splurge, but I use powder foundation and it has such a luxurious feeling when I use it everyday!)

  31. I really love my wet n wild and elf brushes, I really love my Nyx stipple brush for my cream blushes, I also own eco tool brushes, I use my pink beauty blender from sephora❤

  32. Rare Beauty and Fenty have fantastic slanted concealer brushes and, imo, they are "user" friendly designed.

    BK Beauty and Zoeva brushes, whilst they aren't dirt cheap, are so beautifully made. They're both synthetic but the actual quality and performance (BK Beauty being the absolute best). 💗💗

  33. I have many different brushes (5 cups full and counting) and I have to say my favorite brand so far is Sigma. The quality is so above and beyond I could probably pick them out blindfolded. The Sigma price point is prohibitive I agree but nowhere near the sheer insanity of brands like Rephr. If I’m paying $120 for a brush it better turn me into a model and then fold my laundry!

  34. I think a dupe for the Anisa angled concealer brush can be the Maven Beauty (Fashion Nova's makeup line) concealer blending brush. It's $12 and though I haven't tried that yet, I think it can be comparable to the Anisa one because aside from the unique slanted shape, Maven Beauty brushes are also manufactured by Anisa International. The Rare Beauty brush can be a dupe too.

  35. If I ever saw a Beauty Blender in an MUA's kit I would not trust them to do my makeup. There is no way to clean & sanitize them well enough to use them on multiple people and I would be doubtful they are spending $20+ for a single use.

    Also even though it is easy enough to dupe the shape of most brushes the bristles do play a large part of what/how a brush will work. That being said I don't believe you need to spend a lot to get good or even great quality brushes.

  36. Zabrena l am a new subscriber and l adore your videos! By the way l bought the Colourpop Pretty Fresh tinted moisturizer based on your video and l love it!!! I bought shade 4N and it matches me beautifully! I have a fair to light complexion with redness and this is great. I have been wanting to invest in some brushes and this is great information for me! Thank you.Have you tried any Besame cosmetics?

  37. I hope if you do a collab it will all be cool toned purples & great shades of pink and shimmering light whites or beige to blend!!

  38. My favorite is an Eco Tools eye brush. It's slightly angled, and works beautifully with eye shadow placement and blending.

  39. The ELF blending brush is my fave for blush. It is the only brush I bought two of…so I have one to clean and one to use. I also LOVE my dual Foundation/Concealer brush by It Cosmetics for Ulta. A bit more pricey but goes on sale. My favorite for my face base.

  40. I love my BK Beauty brushes and my Hank & Henry brushes. I have some Jessup brushes that are amazing also and so affordable!! ❤️

  41. That RT setting brush is so versatile! What do you suggest for cream bronzer?

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