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  1. I found your channel a little while ago when I decided to go keto. I am watching this and I’m so glad that you recorded it because I keep pausing it to look up things you are talking about. Then you say you are an RRT! Me too! I love you even more! Your channel has helped me quite a bit! I really like the basic keto. Ok, I’m 26 minutes in I gotta get back to watching. I can’t wait to see how you do on carnivore.

  2. This is why your account is the only one I follow, for Keto/Carnivore….you're not doing everything for money or sponsorships. You're honest and straightforward, love it.

  3. I'm doing a 30 day keto challenge 8 16 . 8 hrs of eating and 16 hrs of intermission fasting

  4. I'm from Battle Creek Michigan and I would love to order the equip supplement. I was told that exogenous ketones pills are not healthy for you. Is this true

  5. If you did a podcast, I would 100% listen to it, because I already play your videos and just listen to them like a podcast!

  6. My step father had the same throat issue. He almost bled to death. Please, be safe and take care of yourself.

  7. Danielle you are so down to earth and real. I have been one of your subscribers for over a year now. I don't always communicate but just absolutely love following your everyday life. BTW. You mentioned you have a cousin in Olympia. I'm about 45 min south east in Mossyrock WA from Olympia. Small world. Take care and keep the awesome content coming. Love and God bless you amd your familia! 💜

  8. Trulys are my favorite!!! I'm not gonna lie. I drink almost every Friday and Saturday lol a few a night to relax !! I love the citrus ones .

  9. I don’t get Dr Berg. His whole schtick is I think 7 cups of veggies…. which you don’t count, not even the net carbs from them. I get not demonizing veggies because they have beneficial micronutrients. But…as much as I say there are many, many ways to “do keto,” I don’t see how keeping to 20 g carbs w/o taking veggies (and maybe fruits? Been a while since I’ve watched him..) into your calculations would put someone who is not in tip-top metabolic health into ketosis. That’s not to say you have to track to eat this way…but that doesn’t sound like keto to me, personally. I’ve seen him say to reduce the veg if you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for…but that just looks like an out to me personally.

  10. Looking forward to your carnivore challenge! I'm about 90-95% carnivore and I'm always interested in some fun new ideas 👍
    Something I discovered when I started going more carnivore was steak and butter. Every week I'll salt and pepper some ribeye (I buy 3 big ones from BJ's and cut them into 12 smaller steaks), let it sit for about 20-30 mins to let the seasoning sink in, then I'll grill it. Then throughout the week I'll fry up a portion with about a tablespoon of butter and more salt and pepper. It's so delicious! I have it every day for breakfast, sometimes for lunch or dinner too depending on what our day is like.

  11. Carnivore sounds great for 5 days I'm in
    I'm ready 💕💕 getting summer ready

  12. I couldn’t make the live due to work. I’m thankful that I finally got a new Keto-Mojo. I had ran out of the other strips. It’s shown me how many “Keto” approved foods that I can’t eat. My Mom was from the appalachian mountains & I have a lot of interesting relatives in Eastern Kentucky, the Cumberland Gap area of Eastern Tennessee & Virginia, also western North Carolina. A lot of ghosts in that area also!

  13. Oh no, you are live in the middle of the night for me, wanted so bad to be there, but i can see you now instead, good morning! :)

  14. Didn't make it to the live, but rewatched the stream. Discord would be a good free option. A lot of gamers use it to communicate, but there are many ways to use it.

  15. Resurrection Mary., one of this guys from ripper crew got released from prison

  16. Love that you want to keep it free. That’s awesome! I feel like we’re all in this together keeping it real.

  17. Greetings from Mission, Tx. 7th wk on keto.Diabetic, blood sugars are so much better.

  18. you can have heavy cream on carnivore 🥰 It's animal based

  19. Awe darn, I missed your live. 😫 You say you love cheese as do I. Have you tried Boursin cheese? Yumm and a little goes a long way, tonight I tried melting it over grilled chicken and make it into a yummy sauce. It's very clean keto <<<< Ingredients

    Pasteurized cultured milk and cream, garlic*, salt, white pepper, parsley, chives*.>>>>>

  20. I’ve learned lots from you love your spices and I am going to try pork belly

  21. I got the KETO FLU SYMPTOMS. I had to detox using daily water enemas for a week.

  22. Girl I got the kiddo down and just messaged you a book 😂 on my journey and ketovore/carnivore. Thanks for the shout out love I can’t wait to do this with you 😀 I need it. Come follow us on IG @daniela_dairies and @ketostyle_momlife !! We gonna feel great 👍

  23. I've been carnivore for almost 9 months and I've been doing amazing. Lost 65 pounds (down to 123) Hashimotos in remission and bloodwork and BP on point!

  24. So happy I caught a live!! Watching from Buckeye Arizona !! Love watching your channel been binge watching your videos!!

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