How To Make Nail Glue At Home | Homemade Nail Glue *it

Hey ?

Today’s video is a tutorial on how to make your own nail glue at home! This surprisingly worked really well and the items were really cheap?. Btw this lasted the whole day and then i pulled it off so it could potentially last longer?.

Thank you all for almost 1K SUBSCRIBERS?.Lmk how i can give back to you guys (giveaways etc)

Note: btw i was only testing how to make nail glue. The original idea was from the tiktoker-testingnailhacks

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Hope you enjoyed and have a great day x

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  1. Check out my other vids like paper nails, tissue nails, teabag nails and more!
    Lmk if you want me to try this glue on my other methods to test it out for ya'll?
    TYSM FOR ALMOST 1K SUBSCRIBERSSS???lmk how i can give back to you guys (giveaways etc)

  2. 2021…
    رابطة العرب يلي بيحدرو الفيديوهات الاجانب للانهم بيحكوا اقل و بفهموا?

  3. Great video! I learned tips I have never heard before. The only thing I would suggest is getting rid of the chirping sound by changing your smoke detector battery. Your voice is soothing. I subscribed!

  4. This is how much people searched this up just to put fake nails on in quarantine

  5. Okay imma run to dollarama near me to buy glues now.. ill come back to check and let yall know if it really works!!

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