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  1. Girl why I feel like you’re my sister I have nothing but sisters and when we watch your videos it’s like you one of us ?

  2. the fact i just thought about you 20 mins ago cause i haven’t gotten a nonfiction in a while seeing this made me sooo happpy

  3. Who tf said she wears a lot of make up stupid ! I like her nails but I get mine thick when they are that long cause I hate when they break ! Cute nails btw

  4. when she was talking about ojeras ? i felt. why is it so hard to sleep earlyyyy

  5. Can you please do a skin care routine your skin haves gotten way better what have you done

  6. is it just me or the little dangling of salmas bracelets are so satisfying

  7. idk if i’m just fat but i could smell that chicken ? it looked so good

  8. Maybe it’s just me but I love the way salma eats, she makes anything look good that I start to get hungry too lol

  9. let’s js take a moment to realize her flawless skin u can’t even tell when u had makeup and didn’t ??

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