French Girl Inspired Fall Makeup Tutorial

Instagram @dacey_cash

Hair Color
I used 4BG

Products Used

Wander Beauty Hydrating Ampoule
Laniege Lip Mask
Shisedo Eye Cream
Sisley Rose Mask
Urban Decay Eye Primer
Becca Underye Brightener
NARS Concealer | Ginger
Fenty Cream Blush
NARS Bronzer
TooFaced Powder
ELF Setting Powder
Revolution soap brows
Fenty Highlighter
Charlotte Tilbury Bette
Urban Decay Demolition
NYX Worth The Hype
Dior Brow Styler
Marc Jacobs Nudist
MAC Diva
MAC Committed to Chili

Music by Reggie San Miguel – PSL –

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  1. So prettyyyy! I am French and that's almost how I do my makeup (I use a dark eyeshadow as a liner). I recommend you try the Bioderma Atoderm skincare line for your sensitive skin! xo

  2. Hi ! I m French girl and your make up is sooo beautiful ! You are so beautiful ! I follow you Many Times ago so thanks for all ?Take care ! ❤️

  3. Whenever I don‘t set my concealer and apply blush or bronzer on top, I have the problem of the concealer lifting off and my redness starts peeking through again. Any tips on how top fix that? Because I love the natural look of not setting concealer.

  4. Love ❤️ this French look! I’ve been obsessed with Emily in Paris . I love your Gemstone rings where did you get them?

  5. Super beautiful! Love your vibe and how well you project yourself and show us everything. Sending love ?

  6. I'm French and that make up is almost the same as I do everyday. I only use one eyeshadow. ? This video is really nice. Thank you ! ?

  7. I live in Paris (i am not French), and the makeup you wear in this video is for most French girls makeup for special occasions. Usually, the French girls don't wear any makeup. If they do, they will only put a bright red lipstick and a black eyeliner and mascara – French version of full glam.

  8. One of the best videos you’ve posted. This look is beautiful and you’re stunning! Thanks for making makeup so approachable!

  9. Yay! Love the effortless looks. Will you be doing any Halloween tutorials?


  11. You always look great, but this might be my favorite look! I plan to try at home.

  12. I feel you on eczema but can you say allergy season..I have a love/hate with Fall. Beautiful leaves, but stuffed nose and puffy eyes. Yikes!

  13. I love this so much because this is pretty much how I always do my makeup – no foundation, easy, effortless ♥️ I LOVE the way the lip turned out, I need to start playing around with combining lip colors more ?

  14. I’m French and I literally just curl my lashes and put a tinted balm on lol

  15. Well apparently I should have been French. I have and still do my makeup this way. Very little

  16. Girl! Thank you for letting me know you use that mask as a primer. i have two minis of that product and now I'm going to use it the same way!

  17. I was searching for French girl makeup videos but thank goodness You made one. I justtt love your chanel. Love everything you recommend and I usually make notes of your recommended products.

  18. omg loveeee this look! Also Dacey you've got to drop your fall/winter skincare routine for day and night now that its getting freezing out!! Love hearing your recommendations.

  19. Daci! What are your favorite lightweight coverage foundations? Drugstore and “high end”?

  20. Very pretty. I'm the type that doesn't fully commit to a lipstick & just lightly blots it on. You should 100% make a face mask with pure colloidal oatmeal w/No Fragrance for 10-15 minutes then apply fragrance free moisturizer. CeraVe night cream w/No Fragrance is what I use & surprisingly I got my fragrance free colloidal oats from dollar tree. ?

  21. I will do same tutorial in my channel too very soon give credit to u all madam

  22. Sometimes I watch YouTube in bed without my glasses on bc “I tried to actually go to sleep,” but the intro shots were so pretty I had to pause, put my glasses on, and replay to just admire your skills and beauty ?

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