5 Must Have Makeup Products For Beginners | Regular Makeup

Hey thangameess? Are you a beginner in doing make up? .if yes, video will help you find 5 must have make up products for beginners. Hope you find it useful!!

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  2. I am a beginner
    I tried ur eye makeup it's very useful
    Tq so much Akka
    Tq for sharing these ideas

  3. U have a flawless skin without makeup.. so akka pls post ur regular skin care routine if possible naturally..

  4. You're so pretty!! I bought my mom a name necklace from last year. Amazing… She even cried when she saw the necklace.

  5. Very useful and give a more videos and I am waiting for next video akka???

  6. Give default subtitles in English… U r having fans who don't know Tamil also(like me)

  7. I use only herbles products in my body and face having bath time make up is use . not every day

  8. Akka. Neengalum debnjta akka vum sendhu video podunga. Unga combo semaya irukum

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